Who are EBDOG?

Who are the Educational Building and Development Officers Group

EBDOG represents Local Authorities on all issues associated with education, property and capital planning.

EBDOG has existed for many years and is currently made up of an informal group of Local Authority Education Officers and property professionals who are responsible for effective asset management of schools, children’s services facilities and other premises within their Local Authority. Following discussions with the Department for Education regarding the future nature of ongoing consultative arrangements, it was agreed that where possible they would like to have a “single conversation” with Local Authorities.  EBDOG fulfils this role successfully  providing expert advice to Government about education and capital planning issues. The Chair and Vice Chair of EBDOG meet with the DfE and the Education, Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA) regularly to provide the LA voice. If there are issues that you think need to be raised at a national level then please get in touch with your regional chair and get involved in EBDOG!

EBDOG provides a platform: 

  • To discuss the impact of proposed changes and issues arising in education, property and capital planning

  • To meet colleagues in other Local Authorities sharing problems and solutions,

  • To share experience and knowledge 


Given the increasing significance of EBDOG as the principle means of Childrens Services Authorities engaging direct with DfE, the need for more formal terms of reference was identified. A copy of the constitution is available here 


Executive Committee

An Executive Committee has been established to provide a forum to respond to the many initiatives proposed by the DfE/EFA. Members are often included in policy development issues and it is seen to compliment the existing framework operated by DfE/EFA. Upcoming dates and notes of recent meetings are given on the Executive Committee page. For further information please contact one of the current Executive Committee members. 

Meet our executive committee


Regional Ebdog Meetings

Regional meetings are proving to be an excellent forum for all members to participate in information sharing.  The events are usually free of charge, hosted by a LA in the region and generally close to home, with minimal travel. The agenda is also set locally, with some of these events also incorporating training.  The benefits to members include the opportunity to discuss and plan the implementation of policy, as well as networking opportunities within the industry.



Conferences are held twice yearly, usually in May and November. Each conference, organised and hosted by one of the member Local Authorities, includes the sharing and discussion of policy developments with DfE/EFA workshops on matters of specific interest and local school visits.
Further details are given on the Conferences page. 

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