Potential New Special Free School Sites

If you have identified a new Special Free School site please notify EFA

Published: Thu 31st August 2017

On 27th October 2016, the following was circulated via email to Directors of Children’s Services who have indicated in an Expression of Interest (EOI) their interest in a new special free school.


Dear DCS colleagues,


Thank you for letting us know you might be interested in a new special free school. You know from the Guidance document that RSCs will be prioritising EOIs that come with a site, that benefit a wide area, and that address growing populations and changing needs rather than taking children out of mainstream schools. If your EOI makes a good case against each of these, it has more chance of being taken forward.


If a site has been identified for your Expression of Interest, we would like details of that site as soon as possible in advance of the 11 November deadline. An early indication of your preferred site will enable us to begin reviewing its suitability. It will also enable us to provide feedback on this element of your application ahead of the deadline date.


Please reply to this email with information about your site.


Kind regards,


Joseph Field Advance Team EFA Capital Free Schools

Department for Education 6th Floor Sanctuary Buildings 20 Great Smith Street London SW1P 3BT

Published: Thu 31st August 2017