Making the most of Schools Capital Funding

Making the most of schools capital funding

Published: Thu 27th June 2019

EBDOG is working with the Department for Education (DfE) to encourage greater collaboration between local authorities to drive down school delivery costs to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The aim is to help local authorities improve value for money in the delivery of school places and fulfil their sufficiency duty. Becoming more efficient, will free up funding to invest elsewhere, for example on improvements to existing school buildings.


High Cost Local Authority Peer Support Initiative

This initiative is available to facilitate peer support to local authorities seeking to improve their efficiency in use of schools capital funding. Peer support authorities, subject to their capacity, have agreed to:

a. Offer consultation to other local authorities.
b. The local authorities taking part can agree between them the level of support and any fees.

If you wish to explore the offer of Peer Support further then you should contact one of the local authorities listed below, using the contact email address provided, to register your interest.


Efficient LA   Local Authority Preferred contact details               Availability
East Riding of Yorkshire   
Milton Keynes Post July 2019 only


Best Practice guidance in efficient delivery of school places

As well as Peer Support, in collaboration with the DfE, EBDOG has published a joint guidance note on making efficient use of capital funding in education (click on link to download). This is based on a combination of information supplied by experts within DfE and from local authorities, who agreed to share case studies of their good practice.


Published: Thu 27th June 2019