Asbestos Data Collection

DfE Data Collection - Asbestos in Schools

Published: Mon 20th June 2016

We thought it would be useful to highlight the DfE request for individual schools to complete an online data collection for asbestos in schools data.


In March 2015, the Department for Education concluded a review of its policy on the management of asbestos in schools.  The outcomes from the review included the issuing of updated guidance, Managing Asbestos in your school, and a call for a clearer picture of how asbestos is managed in schools across England.

As a result we are asking all head teachers to answer a small number of straightforward questions on behalf of their school. Head Teachers will receive immediate feedback and advice based on their responses.  The online questionnaire can be found on GOV.UK website.

 A good return from schools will increase our understanding of the current situation and will help to determine whether further action from us is required.  The survey opens on 28 January, and we would really appreciate your help in disseminating this information.  We would be grateful if you could emphasise the importance of this exercise, and encourage your members to ensure the online form is completed and returned by 29 February 2016.


Later this year we’ll be publishing the findings of this national survey

Published: Mon 20th June 2016